The credential and the testimonium


The Testimonium

The pilgrim's credential

Where to obtain a credential

The Testimonium

In order to certify the completion of the pilgrimage, pilgrims have to obtain the testimonium. Rules for receiving the "Testimonium" (Testimonium Peregrinationis ad Limina Petri).

You may receive the Testimonium, by entering the Vatican City through the gate called "Ingresso del Petriano”  in the “Piazza del Sant’Uffizio”, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 9,30  to 12,30 a.m.  

The text of the Testimonium is written in Latin and says:

Testimonium peregrinationis peractae ad limina petri
Notum facimus hanc patriarchalem basilicam apud sancti petri apostoli corpus aedificatam atque ad dei gloriam et ipsius sancti
[English translation will follow soon]

The pilgrim's credential

The credential is the pilgrims' 'passport' on the Via Francigena, obtainable in advance or during the pilgrimage (see the list below). Besides some of the pilgrims' personal details, it provides space for collecting stamps. Collecting the stamps of albergues and refugios, hotels, campsites, private persons in one's credencial is necessary to prove one has accomplished the pilgrimage and so can obtain the testimonium.

Where to obtain a credential


Canterbury cathedral


Reims cathedral


Ask in major cities, churches

You can also download a credential from here.